Can I create a new PlayWPT account?

In the interests of general game integrity and individual account security, a strict one PlayWPT account per person rule is enforced!


I forgot my password. How do I reset my password?

If you can’t log into PlayWPT and need to reset your password:

1.   Go to the PlayWPT login screen at accounts.playwpt.com

2.   Click Forgot password?

3.   Enter the email address you used to create the account

4.   Check your email inbox, and click the link in the email you received to reset your password


Why was my account closed?

PlayWPT strives to maintain a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for our members. We reserve the right to refuse use of our product to anyone who violates our code of conduct.




How does Poker Weekly Leaderboard work?

Every week, we track players who have won the most hands, have won the biggest pots, or have the most chips. The Weekly Leaderboard starts on Monday at 12:00AM and ends Sunday at 11:59PM.


How do table gifts work?

You have the option to either purchase a table gift for yourself or for the entire table. Once you purchase the gift, you’ll be able to enjoy it till the end of your table session.


If you purchased a gift for yourself or someone purchased a gift for you while you already have a gift displayed, the new one will override and replace the old one.


How do charms work?

Charms are only for yourself. You can’t buy charms for others. Once you purchase the charm, you’ll be able to wear it for at least one day. You can find the specific expiration date of each charm by hovering your mouse over it.


What are Free Lucky Spins?

Lucky Spins are only available on our web-based game (https://games.playwpt.com/poker) and not available on our PlayWPT mobile (iOS and Android) app. Lucky Spins award you free Gold every 2 hours. The amount of Gold awarded ranges from 0 to 5,000.


What is rake?

Rake is a commission fee that is common in live and online poker ring games. To provide players a more realistic and authentic poker experience, PlayWPT Poker will take a small portion of the pot (up to 5% of the pot size) as rake at the end of each hand in ring games. The amount taken is dependent on stakes and the number of players dealt into the hand.
Like live venues, we place a cap on rake based on big blind (BB). The cap is based on stakes (the higher the stakes, the lower the cap) and the number of players dealt into the hand (the fewer the players, the lower the cap).
We enforce a “No Flop, No Drop” policy in ring games. This means no rake will be taken if the hand does not see a flop.



What is Gold?

Gold is the virtual currency used for betting on PlayWPT Poker and purchasing virtual goods on PlayWPT.


What is Silver?

Silver is the virtual currency used for wagering on PlayWPT Slots.


Can I cash out my Gold & Silver points?

Gold & Silver Points are for entertainment purposes only and are not redeemable for real world cash or prizes.


Am I allowed to transfer Gold & Silver Points to other accounts?

Gold & Silver Points are non-transferable between PlayWPT accounts. If you are caught playing in a manner which is deemed unethical by PlayWPT in its sole discretion (including, without limitation to, team play, soft play, sale of chips between players or chip dumping) will result in the immediate termination of your account with no recourse.


What are Premium Spins?

Premium Spins are Lucky Spins with 100X multipliers. You can purchase Premium Spins in bulk with Spin Tickets.


What are Spin Tickets?

Spin Tickets are used for Premium Spins that award you 100X more Gold than your free Lucky Spins.



How do I report another player for abuse?

We believe that all our players should be able to enjoy our game without feeling harassed. If you feel that another player’s chat messages, profile picture or username are offensive or otherwise inappropriate. Please take a screenshot and send an email to support@playwpt.com with the following information included in your email:

  • The screenshot
  • Their user name
  • Describe the type of abuse (i.e.: Profile Picture, Chat, Profile Name or Other)


A Customer Support representative will investigate the matter.


Code of Conduct

The following is deemed inappropriate conduct and may result in permanent account closure:

a.    Collusion with another member (chip dumping, soft playing) of any sort or any other form of cheating.

b.    Agreeing to take any action when there is another member all-in.

c.    Telling anyone your down cards before a hand is complete.

d.    Needlessly stalling the action in a game.

e.    Selling Gold or Silver Points for cash.

f.    Attempting in any way to induce a member to leave a game to play in another.